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Chet McCracken plays Pearl Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Remo Drum Heads, Regal Tip Jazz Drum Sticks

Star Licks Master Series
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Chet McCracken, member and contributing songwriter of the legendary Doobie Brothers, is among the most respected drummers in his field. He has recorded and performed with the band since their "One Step Closer" LP and has continued to be a major force in the development of the Doobie's Sound. In addition, Chet has also toured and recorded with Joe Walsh on his "The Confessor" album. His unique abilities and solid groove have gained Chet a catalog of recording credits that include such diverse artists as Stevie Nicks, America, Rita Coolidge, Hank WIlliams, Jr. and Tommy Tutone.

het's thorough and entertaining program covers a widw array of contemporary drum techniques and appr4oaches. Aimed at reaching beginning through advanced players, Ceht explains his personal concepts of the basics: hitting the drums and cybals properly, balance on the kit, movement around the drums and tone colors. He then moves into areas of specialization and deals with topics like rudiments and paradiddles, grooves, various shuffle feels, working with click tracks and drum machines, bass drum attitude, buzz rolls, upbeats and syncopation, rides, odd times, soloing over the pulse and so much more. These subjects are highlighted by well-constructed musical examples designed personally by Chet and accompanying stick player Randy Strom to get you into a band playing atmosphere immediately and accelerate learning. An enclosed notated booklet contains charts which illustrate what is expected of a drummer at the professional level in addition to providing easy-to-follow notation for the music. This is truly a unique opportunity for you to recieve a "PRIVATE DRUM LESSON" from one of to day's finest and most versitile drummers.

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