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Chet McCracken plays Pearl Drums, Zildjian Cymbals, Remo Drum Heads, Regal Tip Jazz Drum Sticks

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Check out the tracks... (one-minute-spippets)

  1. Partners MP3
  2. Cool Autumn Winds MP3
  3. Through Brenda's Eyes MP3
  4. Avila Nights MP3
  5. Armentano MP3
  6. Willie's Groove MP3
  7. At the Waterfall MP3
  8. Across the Border MP3
  9. Ruby's Rub MP3
  10. Alone Together MP3
  11. Terms of Happiness MP3
  12. Diane at Seven MP3

Chet McCracken-Drums, Vibes, Keyboards, Synth, Percussion
Chris Pinnick-Electric Guitar, Acoustic 6 & 12 String Guitar
Richard Grossman-Fretted Bass, Fretless Bass
Mitch Reilly-Tenor Sax, WX-7 Wind Controller
Tim Polen-Hand Percussion, Congas
Ben Arementano-Keyboard Solos
Tom McMorran-
Keyboard Solos
Danny Pelfrey-Alto Sax, Soprano Sax
Gary Johns-Acoustic Rhythm, Guitar on "Across the Border"
Brenda Morie-Vocals & Flute on "Through Brenda's Eyes"

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