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”Real Drum Tracks From A Real Drummer!

**PRO TOOLS LE- 20 bit Adats-Analog-“Live” Drum Room


Record it Live At My Studio Or Send Me Your Files

Quick Turnaround

Credits and Sound Samples

 can be found at

Studio C&C West Hills CA

Office # 818.888.6687

Cel # 818.216.7951


  1. Vaulted Ceiling For Spacious Sounding Overheads
  2. Solid Oak Hardwood Floors For That Tight & Punchy Sound
  3. Not Too “Dead” & Not Too “Live”
  4. Quietly Air-Conditioned                                   


  **PRO TOOLS LE- Record at my studio “live” or send me your files (any kind) PLUS----

  1. Two 20 Bit XT Adats
  2. TASCAM analog (for analog lovers)
  3. ROLAND VS-880 w/EFX
  4. Digital & Analog Percussion
  5. SOUNDWORKSHOP 1280E Recording Console (upgraded chips, warm & punchy) & TASCAM    
  6. M-2516 Recording Console
  7. ALESIS MASTERLINK (for mastering & CD refs)
  8. YAMAHA NS-10’s w/Modified Crossovers; JBL 4412’s
  9. PLUG-INS for PRO TOOLS- I have all the best ones!
  10. Pod Pro


  1. Kit#1-Pearl Master Series Maple
  2. Kit#2-Vintage Pearl Maple/Fiberglass
  3. Large Selection Of Snare Drums & Zildjian Cymbals
  4. LP Congas
  5. Hand Percussion


  1. AKG 414- 2 (matched)
  2. AKG 451- Two Pair Matched = 4 mics
  3. AKG D12
  4. AKG D112- 2
  5. Sennheiser 441
  6. Sennheiser 409- 4 (vintage)
  7. One Pair of Sennheiser 421's
  8. Octava  M219- 2 (matched)
  9. Shure B52
  10. Shure SM57- 8
  11. Matched Pair of MXL V69 Tube Condensers
  12. Rode NTK Vacuum Tube Condenser
  13. Three Octava 319's with “Michael Joly” Modifications
  14. Two Matched Fender P1 Condensers


  1. 2 Vintage UREI 1176 Compressor/Limiter
  2. LEXICON Prime Time
  4. ALESIS Midiverb II
  5. ALESIS 3630 Stereo Compressor
  6. DBX Gates
  7. BOSS SE-50 Reverbs/Delays
  8. DIGITECH 128 Reverbs/Delays
  9. Art Pro MPA Stereo Tube Pre
  10. Three PreSonus Tube Pre Amps

Keyboard Rig List

  1. M-Audio Pro 88 Controller
  2. Yamaha Motif Rack
  3. Korg Triton Rack
  4. KorgM3R
  5. Korg M-1
  6. acoustic Kawai Studio Grand Piano
  7. KAT midi-mallet controller and a
  8. Musser M-52 Vibraphone (the real deal).


I Pride Myself In My Groove & Sound.
I Take Time To Understand What You Want & Make Every Effort
To Achieve & Surpass Your Expectations. I Love Click Tracks & Charts!!!!

More on Real Killer Drum Tracks


Chet McCracken is engaged on a trek as one of the Internet's pioneers in professional online studio services. Having a world-class studio drummer lay down tracks for your project, your song or score via the Internet is a really cool resource!

You can upload your song to

Alternatively, you may contact Chet and arrange to send your music or songs on any format and Chet will transfer them to his studio's "Protools." Then Chet is prepared to record your drum tracks.

When he's completed the drum performance for your new tracks, he returns your song to you, completed, with drum tracks that are right in the pocket and carry the groove.

Chet's Preferences:

  • I like to work with a "click track." I prefer 1/8th notes on the hat and crosstick on 2 and 4 NO BASS DRUM I!!!!
  • Please put the click on a separate track if possible. (if stereo isolate it on the left or right track by itself please)

I use either "Pearl Master Series Maple Custom" or vintage "Pearl Maple/Fiberglass" drums. I also use various Zildjian "K" cymbals.

I use the following mics:

  • Kick - Shure Beta 52, AKG D-12, AKG D-112 or Sennheiser 421
  • Snare - Shure 57 or Sennheiser 441
  • Hi Hat - AKG 451
    Rack Toms(2) - Shure 57 or Sennheiser 409
    Floor Toms(2) - Shure 57, AKG D-12, AKG D-112 or Sennhei5ier 421
  • Over Heads - AKG 414(matched pair) or Octava 219(matched pair)
  • If you like compression I can use (2) UREI 1176LN or Alesis 3630 (stereo).
  • My console is a Sound Workshop 1280E (parametric EQ) as well as a Tascam M-2516 (parametric EQ).
  • I will record to as many tracks as you like. I usually track to 7.
    • 1-kick, 2-snare, 3&4-stereo toms, 5&6-stereo over heads, 7-hi hat.

I'll want to discuss your drum track ideas via phone and/or e-mail to get "your ideas" recorded to your satisfaction.

My turnaround time is quick. Keep in mind that I have a superior "live drum tracking" room.

All further questions are welcome! Questions? Comments? Please use the form below.

Contact Chet McCracken

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Questions or Comments: 
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     thanks, Chet)

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