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Jazz from Chris & Chet

As a "duo" format, these two world renown musicians add the perfect ambience to your event. Led by drummer Chet McCracken and featuring superb guitarist Chris Pinnick (former member of "Chicago"), this duo will provide relaxing and entertaining music for the evening or afternoon. Never too loud or intrusive — they play beautiful music for your audience.

As a "trio" format, Chet and Chris add the saxophone, piano and vocals of Marty Grebb (former member of "The Bonnie Raitt Band"). Adding just a perfect amount of additional zip to the music, this trio will provide quality music for your listening and/or dancing pleasure.

Full Band
Need a full band for a special event? Talk to Chet and learn what endless possibilities of performing artists he can bring together to deliver, for you, a blend of the finest musicians in modern recording history Chet has performed, traveled and projected with an incredible array of music stars and their bands.


Contact Chet, let him know what you have in mind!
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